Tuesday, March 29, 2011

facebook forgone

**My forewarning for the possible lack of usual fun and hilariousness that is usually my writing! It seems as though when I blog anytime past 4:00, my brain is drained. So, I lack the usual energy and zest**

It'll be interesting to see how many people read this posting. It's sad when the "thing" that you give up for Lent, the "thing"the you think is preventing you from being a better person, is technology.

Last year, I gave up facebook for Lent. I got the idea from one of my girlfriends. I noticed that her status was something to the effect that she was going to try and kick the habit. Thinking that was crazy and incredibly difficult, I decided to join the wagon. I kicked it. For 40 days and 40 nights. And it wasn't that bad, it was almost bliss. It was a reduced stress, oddly enough, for me. I didn't know the drama that was going on in my friends' lives. Well, to be honest, they weren't really friends, if the only communication we had was via facebook. But, you get the point.

This year, I decided to continue the tradition and drop facebook. I guess, from what I've heard from people (primarily my fiance), that you can now track who looks at your facebook page?? What the hell?! As much as I love(d) facebook stalking, I do not want others to see that I have stalked their shit. That's like people being able to see me give them the stank eye, while wearing huge ass sunglasses. Ahhh, summer stank eyes. It doesn't get better than that.


It's been really nice not being on the life sucker that is facebook. It was hard the first few days not clicking on the extra tab and opening up the page, because it had become nearly automatic for me. I would open it without thinking. I'm living in oblivion right now, because I'm not constantly "checking in" on people and their lives and pictures and posts, etc. I'm more into my own little world, imaginary as it may be at times.

But man, isn't it pathetic that I equated facebook as a my gift to God for his suffering on the cross to redeem my facebooked soul?! Almost as pathetic as facebook stalking an old ex. And don't gasp at this, we've all done it (that's what she said).

Mental note: blog post in the morning, when I've had energy and haven't been drained to an inch of my life by dealing with students, parents, faculty, over 50 email messages and constantly having repeat over and over what the department of art is offering in the summer and fall semesters to students who are over the reading age of 12 years old.