Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July for a HV county farmers daughter revisted

These past few weeks have been all about new experiences for this girl! I was in the Ozarks last weekend with some girlfriends from college and was on a boat for the first time that I can remember. And I pity the next person who has to hang out with me when I'm the lake, because we were living in s-t-y-l-e this weekend. Also, for the first time ever: hung out in a life jacket in the water while in Party Cove while down at the Ozarks. I feel as though I missed out on so much growing up. Then again, I took part in a lot of memories growing up that a lot of kids aren't lucky enough to experience. By "kids", I'm meaning those city slickers out there. Allow me prove a point:

Fourth of July growing up: I remember drooling over the Harvey County Independent (it used to be called "Burrton Graphic", before they had to consolidate with the Halstead Independent to make ends meet) wishing that Mom would let us go into town (Burrton) for the 4th celebrations. I'd start looking for a box turtle to race or practice carrying eggs on a spoon, just for the opportunity to go into Burrton and partake in the free swim in the afternoon. Oh and the icing on the imaginary cake: the raffle. You would buy a button and the number on the button would be entered in a raffle for items that I can't think of now, but at the time may as well have been GAP gift cards. Sigh. The fireworks. Yeah, we ended up watching those out of the windows at the house. We never went into town for the 4th and I really do not know why. Probably because it was just another thing going on, on a normally busy time for us (farming wise). Man, I was so jealous of those kids who got to enjoy the 4th. Swore to myself that I'd ALWAYS do the city-things for the 4th when I was big enough.

Now, I'm big enough and I really do not care that I haven't really partaken in those sort of celebrations. I couldn't be more excited to head out west tomorrow to spend quality time with Mel on her 24th birthday and, of course, Harley-dog and Mason. Priorities change as we grow older and into our skin more; we start to view the world differently than we did as a sheltered farm girl. We realize those silly things (oh, I did end up winning a fishing pole at one of those raffles. I only won it because I was spending the night with a girlfriend. No thanks to you, Joe Bergkamp) are really silly and in the long run, end up getting tossed into holes dug by your Daddy and buried. I'll explain more about that hole later. After having my fill of Colby, Kansas, I will be heading to southeastern Colorado to see Aaron and help with Leiker Harvest through Monday July 5. When I say help, I mean: riding in the semi, working on my tan, and just enjoy being in the middle of nowhere with just open fields in all directions. So yeah, I will miss out on the drunkeness on the 4th, but I will be celebrating my American independence the only way I have ever known how: being in the middle of nowhere and I think that may be more important than racing box turtles or getting an insane burn at the pool.

Friday, June 25, 2010

deviled egg salad

Oi vey! Last night at Stampede was awesome!! Oh Miranda. Oh, kickass Miranda! I think what sort of spoiled the performance last night was the last time I saw her. I went with two girlfriends when she performed in Wichita at the Intrust Center and we were VIP. Literally, 5 maybe 6 feet from the catwalk. She could have spat (and I would have been totally fine with that) and we would have felt it. So, seeing her at a distance was not nearly as good as being right.there.in.her.face. HOWEVER, I would not have traded that experience (last night) for anything. Well, maybe seeing her VIP. Point is, seeing her was better than not seeing her. Her shoes?! Oh my gracious. Girl has a swaggar!

Today has been an fml day of having 8 incoming freshman and one of them just showed up at 11.30 and wanted to come to K-State! Go YOU! I'm running on a short patience lease, because I want to get out of here and get to Ozarks! However, I do NOT want to hit KC between 5-6.30 pm, so I am opting to leave MHK at 5 to avoid the insanity of city traffic. The downside? I'll roll into Four Seasons around 10.30 pm and all the girls have been there since yesterday. So, I'll have some catching up to do. Which I can handle, no issues and no worries. There are times that I hate that I am such a control freak and have a hard time "letting go" and not worrying over things and wanting to have my whole day/evening/life/eternity planned out. Oi vey, Monica. So, I am signing off for today! I will catch you all up on the flipside (Tuesday) :) Wish me luck driving my country-girl self to Four Seasons and back!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

whitetrashtrailerbash 2010

Big time Thursday for this HV girl!!! I have freshman o&e today (with only 5 precious babies) AND the first night of whitetrashtrailerbash (Country Stampede) is tonight!! I am a huge country music fan and being from the farm, I have a natural niche with the country. However, Country Stampede should NOT be stereotyped as how all "country" people are. I went to Wal-Mart last night to pick up a "few" things (which turned out to be over $75 of a "few" things) and was disgusted and reminded how trashy some people can be. Ugh. I really hope that all the city slickers out there realize that we are NOT all like that: with Wal-Mart cowboy hats (seriously? A cowboy hat from Wal-Mart?! I am pretty sure the "person" who made that hat has no idea who Miranda Lambert is), cut off random-small-town-high-school-sports-team-that-they-probably-didn't-play-for-but-wear-shirt-to-feel-"athletic"-with-their-beer-belly-shirts, and sagging jeans shorts (and if you are a male reading this or your significant other is male and even OWNS a pair of denim shorts, burn them. Seriously.Do everyone a favor and pyro that shiz). Total embarassment for everyone who takes intense pride being a country kid. Sigh. Oh, well. Money for the county/area is always a huge benefit!! Just avoid MHK this weekend and be aware of yourself and those around you when driving!!

And to switch things up, I am going to admit that I am BEYOND excited for tonight and Miranda Lambert at Stampede (yes, the musical orgy that I just got done bashing.. Actually, I wasn't bashing the music, just the stereotypical "patron"). I have been a huge ML fan for a long time now with all her CDs, member of RanFan Club, etc. This will be the second time I will be seeing her in concert and I am so excited. She's a force to be reckoned with and any woman can use her as a healthy role model. Even if she sings about pulling a gun on a cheating boyfriend. I've never been cheated on, but if I ever am, I am pretty sure that idea may not seem too radical. Going with a dear girlfriend and am mentally prepping myself for being a bit exhausted tomorrow at work. However, the excitement of going to the Ozarks with some amazing girlfriends from college will bolster me through 5:00 and the drive to Four Seasons, MO!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So, you're going on my speed dial. You know that right?

A handsome father of one of my incoming baby freshman told me he was going to put me on speed dial and check in every Friday. Awesome. I doubt he plans on calling me to catch up on the latest "Real Housewives" or "The Bachelorette" gossip. How does one even respond to that?! I had to fight the instant urge to remind him that his precious child isn't a child anymore and won't be reading the Holy Bible on Friday evenings. My first appointment for the day was your typical art student that you see in the movies. Think the brother on "Wedding Crashers"'s long lost sister. I felt incredibly awkward as the mother and the student were arguing as to whether the student should take "University Experience" to brushen up their study skills. Maybe I should post a sign that reads "Art Advisor: not to be mistaken for Dr. Phil"

Wonderful weekend in Kansas City with some amazing girlfriends! It was a no-drama night and everyone had a great time with no gashed legs or emotional break downs. That is the mark of a great night when you bring together 10 women.

My big nagging frustration now is with my masters program here at K-State. I find the program to be extremely encouraging. However, I have been a full time professional (don't roll your eyes too much) academic advisor for over three years and so I am finding it so hard, so incredibly hard, to stay focused on these classes. It is a formality for me, at this point. I'm paying 1200/summer session and estimated 3000 for fall semester courses then an additional 2000 for spring semester courses when I already have the job that I should have had this completed prior to getting. It's all a formality. All the busy work. All the message postings. All the singled spaced papers. All the pages and pages and pages of research in regards to various academic advising models, etc. My students are not suffering by my not having this courses nor MS completed. All while I am working full time and yes, I quite aware that I am NOT working legit 40 hours/wk (see posting time). Oh, to be DONE with this MS. To be done with going through the motions. When I took this job in 2007, Daddy said "Say a prayer that you don't regret this job 3 years from now." I think maybe I forgot to say that prayer. However, when you're 23 and the idea of making "real" money and moving from a shitty one-bedroom apartment in Royal Towers to "luxurious" living in Georgetown Apartments is thrown in your face, you jump. And I jumped. Now, I am getting tripped. I enjoy my job and I absolutely love my students. The thought of them not being successfully honestly pains me. Honestly.

Sigh. I think I need a RedBull for career motivation.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i might be cheap, but i ain't free

Thank god I am not one of those skinny girls; this morning when I was running my route and dropping water weight faster than a woman giving labor, a massive thunderstorm rolled through the NE side of MHK. The wind was intense. The army family that lives across the cemented ditch (yes, I called it a cemented ditch) has way too much summer gear. They have a patio, a huge pool, random crap to entertain their rugrats, etc and that shiz was flying away. Literally. Very surreal feeling; it reminded me of "Wizard of Oz" when the storm was about to go through.

You know that pro-active kid that showed up yesterday during my preseneation? Yup, he missed his appointment and one of my buddies in NSS called me this morning asking if I could do him a huge favor. Gulp. I try to put on the fascade that I am badass biatch, but I crumble when people need my help; even if it puts me in a bind. Anyways, this kid (I'll call him "Mickey Mouse") missed his appointment (SHOCKER) and he was wondering if I could squeeze him in today. Ugh. Mickey Mouse isn't officially accepted yet to the university. He.literally.just.showed.up. Education used to mean something to some people. Where are those people?! Micky Mouse just had his appointment and he only wanted to take 12 hours. Yeah. That was a SHOCKER. This gets me thinking to how we think that people should do things the way we think they should be done. Example: I feel that people should make education a choice and be pro-active to get those steps accomplished and not just wake up one day and decide to go to that university in Manhattan and just show up and enroll, etc. However, not everyone has the same views as I do. Those people are constantly giving me opportunities to earn what Grandma Bergkamp called "pennies in heaven" and I truly do thank them for that. I think (?)

An example of how things should be done according to this HV county farmer's daughter: the pursing of the opposite sex (or same sex if that is your choice). I will not regress and tangent off to ajl and how he is doing everything the "Right Way"-> I'm going to focus on Mason (Mel's fiancae). Mel (sister number 2) is getting married March 2011 and I am going to give the best maid of honor speech ever (but, would you expect anything less?). Mason drove the 5 hour drive to the Ponderosa to talk to Daddy about taking Mel's hand in marriage. Mel had no idea that Mason did this and Mason was one hella nervous country boy when he was driving down. I know this, because I was in the loop. Something everyone needs to realize about my Daddy: he will do whatever it takes to make his girls happy. Even if that means that we never had to lift a finger on the farm, for the most part, growing up. Daddy is that type of guy that when he says something at church, etc: people listen. Mason knew Daddy would say "yes", but that was the hardest thing he ever had to do. From personal experience in this matter, I know that it's a hard pill to swallow when someone who you think is man-enough to speak with your father about a kind-big-decision, pansies out and you're the one having to introduce the topic to your father, while he stands behind you. Yeah, that is pretty humbling. And it had to be a difficult situation for someone's father to be in. Anyways, I digress. What's the point of this blog today? Doing the right thing, whether it's applying to KSU before you just decide to "show up" on an orientation and enrollment date or manning up (regardless the situation) is always a better choice than being a pansy and assumign someone else will do it for you.

Baha! I'm off to KC with some girlfriends to enjoy us some power and light action!! And man oh man, my outfit is sweet. Be on the look out for the next blog as I focus on how classy a 26 year old in sky-high gold chunky heels can be when combined with peach vodka and diet cranberry juice. It'll be a thriller... Thriller night...........

Friday, June 18, 2010

and i'm wearing a hair piece

The office is a tombstone. Gerry is in KC interviewing artists for a super secret assignment while Robin is on vacation in Colorado (I am guessing it's not nearly as muggy there as it is here). I sent the work study home early, because she has a wedding to attend tonight here in MHK. Those who know me know that I get really stressed when I'm rushed for time, so I know that Meredith can really enjoy the evening now that she has ample time to get purdy (her words, not mine). I had six baby freshman today; one of them just "showed up" during my presentation. Ugh, I really am not a fan when freshman change their mind when they arrive on campus for these things. They do not realize what goes on behind the scenes when they pull this shiz. To their credit, this is the first time this summer that that has happened (a kid just randomly changes their mind and "shows up"). I know NSS (new student services) is caught between a rock and a hard place when this happens. On the one hand, NSS wants the kid to be happy wildcat and on the other, they know the stress/aggrivation this puts on academic advisors. This is ironic: he was/is my 4:00 appointment and it's now 4.08. (rolling her eyes) And so far, a no show.

What hasn't been a no show is my shopping streak my debit card has been running after lately. I recently discovered modcloth.com (thank you Sheridan) and dropped a small-mini-barely there fortune today. In my defense, I put all the items in my Shopping Cart this morning and waited a couple hours to let the impulsive vibe chill. I know AJL was proud of this, or he had better be. Since the bf has a mini local celeb status due to his job, I'm code naming him, fyi. No, he is not a former K-State athletics coach making bank by wearing purple windpants and a whistle. What he is, is amazing. That's a whole new blog post. Anyways, back to modcloth.com. These are the items that are being eagerly shipped to my doorpost soon:




Now, would you expect that style from a farmer's daughter? I think one of the best compliments I've received from one of my roomies was that my style is amazing for being from Kansas and she's from the west coast. I was pleased with myself. However, I enjoy it so much that I don't find it to be work. Any girl or boy can pull off anything, it all changes with the thought process between your ears. It's not rocket science, but feel free to compliment me for rocking out my outfits. I won't be ashamed, but I'll be humbled.

Great weekend in store for this HV girl!! Work tomorrow (epic lame) for freshman o&e, then heading to KC with one of my roomies for a dear girlfriends birthday bash!! We're all staying in a hotel (within walking distance, no worries parental units out there) and hitting dinner then some pre-gamin' in the hotel before we tromp our clod-hoppers to pnl (power and light district). I always enjoy a good night out at pnl with good girls. By that, I mean not the drama-it's all about me-girlfriends that we all seem to tote around for some reason. I could/should/probably will blog about that at some point. Those girls are like soda to me: I know they're not good, but sometimes we just need a little taste.

4.18 and no student. Bizarre. How bizarre. Wicked bizarre. Where is my wet bar. Damn the man.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

blackhawk parents

Maybe it's the muggy weather or the fact I had 10 incoming freshman today, but I am zapped for energy. After I presented to my kids (and their parental entourages) I grabbed a small iced Americano, because I anticipated I would be needing more external energy to get through going over our curriculum, courses, class policies, etc 10X over. And I did. Then some. Counting down the minutes until 5:00, so I can make it across town to my 5.30 massage and that is the one thing keeping me positive right now. I promise to whoever reads this that I will not be "that parent" who lives vicariously through their child. I will not be a helicopter parent who will willingly carry my child's packet of information and take notes for my child while his/her advisor is talking about their program. I will not allow my child to play on their BlackBerry smart phones and text and update their facebook pages while I am asking the questions the child should be asking. I promise I will not be that parent. How is that true love for my child when I am not forcing them to stand on their own and be independent? My sisters and I were blessed with parents who assisted financially with our studies, but that is where the line was drawn. My mother never called my academic advisor. Daddy to this day doesn't really know what my Masters will be in, although I have told him 3052 times. I understand that these helicopter and "black hawk" parents feel that they are giving their precious children the best advantage in life and their heart is in the right place. But that doesn't make the stress and frustration any easier. Sigh. Maybe I am in the wrong career, because I do not see it getting any better and this frustration is a waste of negative energy for me. Again, I should have prefaced this posting with "Beware: Read with Caution: Moni B is running low on positive energy fumes". I do enjoy my job (?) I think I'll apply for "Real Housewives of MHK".

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And we're makin' plans

I am doing anything to put off working on my graduate class. I watched "The Bachelorette" yesterday on hulu.com to pass the time in the afternoon and today I decided to follow in Sheridan footsteps and start blogging. Blog plug for Sheridan: follow her and when I figure out how to interject people's blogs in here, I will interject hers. Until then, sorry. It's raining cats and dogs here. And heavy rain reminds me how much I hate driving in insane rain storms. Then that reminds me how stressed out I get driving when the conditions aren't ideal. Then that reminds me how much of a control freak I am. That then reminds me of my Daddy, who is a control freak like I am. It is eye opening when you look at your personality traits and you realize how much you resemble your parents. It is sometimes a relief to pinpoint why you are the way you are. Sometimes, it is a stress. We always want to take pride in being "unique" and "special" and "different". But, let's face it: we are the way we are because of someone else. Sorry, but unless you've lived in a glass house (and man that would be muggy), you are the way you are because of someone else. Nothing you did "special". What makes us "unique" and "special" is how we re-act to those forces in our lives that are beyond our control. Like the monsoon of rain we're driving in or the crappy relationships we allowed ourselves to earn points in purgatory for. Man, do you know how lucky those boys in my past are that I'm not a songwriter? The title of this blog is from one of Miranda Lambert's song off her 'Revolution' album that's playing now. Talk about a girl who you don't want to eff with and should be happy you didn't eff with her heart. You may just have had a song about gunpowder and lead and kerosene written about you. I think the majority of the male population should rejoice in that all woman aren't songwriters. Scary thought, boys. I've kept a journal since high school and whenever I want/need to remind myself of how far I have grown as a woman, I can take one out and read through. Perhaps when I am buried 6 feet under, my kids can publish my journals. I wonder how I am going to feel about them reading my history from 18 years old--???