Thursday, June 24, 2010

whitetrashtrailerbash 2010

Big time Thursday for this HV girl!!! I have freshman o&e today (with only 5 precious babies) AND the first night of whitetrashtrailerbash (Country Stampede) is tonight!! I am a huge country music fan and being from the farm, I have a natural niche with the country. However, Country Stampede should NOT be stereotyped as how all "country" people are. I went to Wal-Mart last night to pick up a "few" things (which turned out to be over $75 of a "few" things) and was disgusted and reminded how trashy some people can be. Ugh. I really hope that all the city slickers out there realize that we are NOT all like that: with Wal-Mart cowboy hats (seriously? A cowboy hat from Wal-Mart?! I am pretty sure the "person" who made that hat has no idea who Miranda Lambert is), cut off random-small-town-high-school-sports-team-that-they-probably-didn't-play-for-but-wear-shirt-to-feel-"athletic"-with-their-beer-belly-shirts, and sagging jeans shorts (and if you are a male reading this or your significant other is male and even OWNS a pair of denim shorts, burn them. Seriously.Do everyone a favor and pyro that shiz). Total embarassment for everyone who takes intense pride being a country kid. Sigh. Oh, well. Money for the county/area is always a huge benefit!! Just avoid MHK this weekend and be aware of yourself and those around you when driving!!

And to switch things up, I am going to admit that I am BEYOND excited for tonight and Miranda Lambert at Stampede (yes, the musical orgy that I just got done bashing.. Actually, I wasn't bashing the music, just the stereotypical "patron"). I have been a huge ML fan for a long time now with all her CDs, member of RanFan Club, etc. This will be the second time I will be seeing her in concert and I am so excited. She's a force to be reckoned with and any woman can use her as a healthy role model. Even if she sings about pulling a gun on a cheating boyfriend. I've never been cheated on, but if I ever am, I am pretty sure that idea may not seem too radical. Going with a dear girlfriend and am mentally prepping myself for being a bit exhausted tomorrow at work. However, the excitement of going to the Ozarks with some amazing girlfriends from college will bolster me through 5:00 and the drive to Four Seasons, MO!!!