Saturday, June 19, 2010

i might be cheap, but i ain't free

Thank god I am not one of those skinny girls; this morning when I was running my route and dropping water weight faster than a woman giving labor, a massive thunderstorm rolled through the NE side of MHK. The wind was intense. The army family that lives across the cemented ditch (yes, I called it a cemented ditch) has way too much summer gear. They have a patio, a huge pool, random crap to entertain their rugrats, etc and that shiz was flying away. Literally. Very surreal feeling; it reminded me of "Wizard of Oz" when the storm was about to go through.

You know that pro-active kid that showed up yesterday during my preseneation? Yup, he missed his appointment and one of my buddies in NSS called me this morning asking if I could do him a huge favor. Gulp. I try to put on the fascade that I am badass biatch, but I crumble when people need my help; even if it puts me in a bind. Anyways, this kid (I'll call him "Mickey Mouse") missed his appointment (SHOCKER) and he was wondering if I could squeeze him in today. Ugh. Mickey Mouse isn't officially accepted yet to the university. He.literally.just.showed.up. Education used to mean something to some people. Where are those people?! Micky Mouse just had his appointment and he only wanted to take 12 hours. Yeah. That was a SHOCKER. This gets me thinking to how we think that people should do things the way we think they should be done. Example: I feel that people should make education a choice and be pro-active to get those steps accomplished and not just wake up one day and decide to go to that university in Manhattan and just show up and enroll, etc. However, not everyone has the same views as I do. Those people are constantly giving me opportunities to earn what Grandma Bergkamp called "pennies in heaven" and I truly do thank them for that. I think (?)

An example of how things should be done according to this HV county farmer's daughter: the pursing of the opposite sex (or same sex if that is your choice). I will not regress and tangent off to ajl and how he is doing everything the "Right Way"-> I'm going to focus on Mason (Mel's fiancae). Mel (sister number 2) is getting married March 2011 and I am going to give the best maid of honor speech ever (but, would you expect anything less?). Mason drove the 5 hour drive to the Ponderosa to talk to Daddy about taking Mel's hand in marriage. Mel had no idea that Mason did this and Mason was one hella nervous country boy when he was driving down. I know this, because I was in the loop. Something everyone needs to realize about my Daddy: he will do whatever it takes to make his girls happy. Even if that means that we never had to lift a finger on the farm, for the most part, growing up. Daddy is that type of guy that when he says something at church, etc: people listen. Mason knew Daddy would say "yes", but that was the hardest thing he ever had to do. From personal experience in this matter, I know that it's a hard pill to swallow when someone who you think is man-enough to speak with your father about a kind-big-decision, pansies out and you're the one having to introduce the topic to your father, while he stands behind you. Yeah, that is pretty humbling. And it had to be a difficult situation for someone's father to be in. Anyways, I digress. What's the point of this blog today? Doing the right thing, whether it's applying to KSU before you just decide to "show up" on an orientation and enrollment date or manning up (regardless the situation) is always a better choice than being a pansy and assumign someone else will do it for you.

Baha! I'm off to KC with some girlfriends to enjoy us some power and light action!! And man oh man, my outfit is sweet. Be on the look out for the next blog as I focus on how classy a 26 year old in sky-high gold chunky heels can be when combined with peach vodka and diet cranberry juice. It'll be a thriller... Thriller night...........