Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So, you're going on my speed dial. You know that right?

A handsome father of one of my incoming baby freshman told me he was going to put me on speed dial and check in every Friday. Awesome. I doubt he plans on calling me to catch up on the latest "Real Housewives" or "The Bachelorette" gossip. How does one even respond to that?! I had to fight the instant urge to remind him that his precious child isn't a child anymore and won't be reading the Holy Bible on Friday evenings. My first appointment for the day was your typical art student that you see in the movies. Think the brother on "Wedding Crashers"'s long lost sister. I felt incredibly awkward as the mother and the student were arguing as to whether the student should take "University Experience" to brushen up their study skills. Maybe I should post a sign that reads "Art Advisor: not to be mistaken for Dr. Phil"

Wonderful weekend in Kansas City with some amazing girlfriends! It was a no-drama night and everyone had a great time with no gashed legs or emotional break downs. That is the mark of a great night when you bring together 10 women.

My big nagging frustration now is with my masters program here at K-State. I find the program to be extremely encouraging. However, I have been a full time professional (don't roll your eyes too much) academic advisor for over three years and so I am finding it so hard, so incredibly hard, to stay focused on these classes. It is a formality for me, at this point. I'm paying 1200/summer session and estimated 3000 for fall semester courses then an additional 2000 for spring semester courses when I already have the job that I should have had this completed prior to getting. It's all a formality. All the busy work. All the message postings. All the singled spaced papers. All the pages and pages and pages of research in regards to various academic advising models, etc. My students are not suffering by my not having this courses nor MS completed. All while I am working full time and yes, I quite aware that I am NOT working legit 40 hours/wk (see posting time). Oh, to be DONE with this MS. To be done with going through the motions. When I took this job in 2007, Daddy said "Say a prayer that you don't regret this job 3 years from now." I think maybe I forgot to say that prayer. However, when you're 23 and the idea of making "real" money and moving from a shitty one-bedroom apartment in Royal Towers to "luxurious" living in Georgetown Apartments is thrown in your face, you jump. And I jumped. Now, I am getting tripped. I enjoy my job and I absolutely love my students. The thought of them not being successfully honestly pains me. Honestly.

Sigh. I think I need a RedBull for career motivation.