Thursday, June 17, 2010

blackhawk parents

Maybe it's the muggy weather or the fact I had 10 incoming freshman today, but I am zapped for energy. After I presented to my kids (and their parental entourages) I grabbed a small iced Americano, because I anticipated I would be needing more external energy to get through going over our curriculum, courses, class policies, etc 10X over. And I did. Then some. Counting down the minutes until 5:00, so I can make it across town to my 5.30 massage and that is the one thing keeping me positive right now. I promise to whoever reads this that I will not be "that parent" who lives vicariously through their child. I will not be a helicopter parent who will willingly carry my child's packet of information and take notes for my child while his/her advisor is talking about their program. I will not allow my child to play on their BlackBerry smart phones and text and update their facebook pages while I am asking the questions the child should be asking. I promise I will not be that parent. How is that true love for my child when I am not forcing them to stand on their own and be independent? My sisters and I were blessed with parents who assisted financially with our studies, but that is where the line was drawn. My mother never called my academic advisor. Daddy to this day doesn't really know what my Masters will be in, although I have told him 3052 times. I understand that these helicopter and "black hawk" parents feel that they are giving their precious children the best advantage in life and their heart is in the right place. But that doesn't make the stress and frustration any easier. Sigh. Maybe I am in the wrong career, because I do not see it getting any better and this frustration is a waste of negative energy for me. Again, I should have prefaced this posting with "Beware: Read with Caution: Moni B is running low on positive energy fumes". I do enjoy my job (?) I think I'll apply for "Real Housewives of MHK".