Friday, June 25, 2010

deviled egg salad

Oi vey! Last night at Stampede was awesome!! Oh Miranda. Oh, kickass Miranda! I think what sort of spoiled the performance last night was the last time I saw her. I went with two girlfriends when she performed in Wichita at the Intrust Center and we were VIP. Literally, 5 maybe 6 feet from the catwalk. She could have spat (and I would have been totally fine with that) and we would have felt it. So, seeing her at a distance was not nearly as good as being HOWEVER, I would not have traded that experience (last night) for anything. Well, maybe seeing her VIP. Point is, seeing her was better than not seeing her. Her shoes?! Oh my gracious. Girl has a swaggar!

Today has been an fml day of having 8 incoming freshman and one of them just showed up at 11.30 and wanted to come to K-State! Go YOU! I'm running on a short patience lease, because I want to get out of here and get to Ozarks! However, I do NOT want to hit KC between 5-6.30 pm, so I am opting to leave MHK at 5 to avoid the insanity of city traffic. The downside? I'll roll into Four Seasons around 10.30 pm and all the girls have been there since yesterday. So, I'll have some catching up to do. Which I can handle, no issues and no worries. There are times that I hate that I am such a control freak and have a hard time "letting go" and not worrying over things and wanting to have my whole day/evening/life/eternity planned out. Oi vey, Monica. So, I am signing off for today! I will catch you all up on the flipside (Tuesday) :) Wish me luck driving my country-girl self to Four Seasons and back!!