Friday, June 18, 2010

and i'm wearing a hair piece

The office is a tombstone. Gerry is in KC interviewing artists for a super secret assignment while Robin is on vacation in Colorado (I am guessing it's not nearly as muggy there as it is here). I sent the work study home early, because she has a wedding to attend tonight here in MHK. Those who know me know that I get really stressed when I'm rushed for time, so I know that Meredith can really enjoy the evening now that she has ample time to get purdy (her words, not mine). I had six baby freshman today; one of them just "showed up" during my presentation. Ugh, I really am not a fan when freshman change their mind when they arrive on campus for these things. They do not realize what goes on behind the scenes when they pull this shiz. To their credit, this is the first time this summer that that has happened (a kid just randomly changes their mind and "shows up"). I know NSS (new student services) is caught between a rock and a hard place when this happens. On the one hand, NSS wants the kid to be happy wildcat and on the other, they know the stress/aggrivation this puts on academic advisors. This is ironic: he was/is my 4:00 appointment and it's now 4.08. (rolling her eyes) And so far, a no show.

What hasn't been a no show is my shopping streak my debit card has been running after lately. I recently discovered (thank you Sheridan) and dropped a small-mini-barely there fortune today. In my defense, I put all the items in my Shopping Cart this morning and waited a couple hours to let the impulsive vibe chill. I know AJL was proud of this, or he had better be. Since the bf has a mini local celeb status due to his job, I'm code naming him, fyi. No, he is not a former K-State athletics coach making bank by wearing purple windpants and a whistle. What he is, is amazing. That's a whole new blog post. Anyways, back to These are the items that are being eagerly shipped to my doorpost soon:

Now, would you expect that style from a farmer's daughter? I think one of the best compliments I've received from one of my roomies was that my style is amazing for being from Kansas and she's from the west coast. I was pleased with myself. However, I enjoy it so much that I don't find it to be work. Any girl or boy can pull off anything, it all changes with the thought process between your ears. It's not rocket science, but feel free to compliment me for rocking out my outfits. I won't be ashamed, but I'll be humbled.

Great weekend in store for this HV girl!! Work tomorrow (epic lame) for freshman o&e, then heading to KC with one of my roomies for a dear girlfriends birthday bash!! We're all staying in a hotel (within walking distance, no worries parental units out there) and hitting dinner then some pre-gamin' in the hotel before we tromp our clod-hoppers to pnl (power and light district). I always enjoy a good night out at pnl with good girls. By that, I mean not the drama-it's all about me-girlfriends that we all seem to tote around for some reason. I could/should/probably will blog about that at some point. Those girls are like soda to me: I know they're not good, but sometimes we just need a little taste.

4.18 and no student. Bizarre. How bizarre. Wicked bizarre. Where is my wet bar. Damn the man.