Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MOH speech preperations...

Oh, the directions a maid of honor speech can go. Mel is getting married on March 5 and I am serving as her maid of honor. I've been to dozens of weddings and catered even more when I worked for Bockers 2 Catering (Manhattan). I've heard a jillion of MOH speeches and some borderline epistle readings from these women. I never really thought much about them, prior to now. I would half listen and zone in and out. Majority of the time, I would zone in on the bar and estimate how much more time until they run out of booze...... During my single times, I would give the "Oh, this is so boring" roll of the eyes and try to connect with my hopeful next dancemate across the floor. Probably, in all honesty, it was more Monica's drunk eye (the raised left eyebrow) coming out as I imagine that I am looking much better than I truly do. You never really think much of the MOH speech, until it's your sister. And you're the MOH. And the pressure mounts.

I have the benefit of being the oldest of the family and with this older title, comes a touch of bossiness that is natural. Totally natural, I would argue. This bossy-trait also leads one to "may" appear to steal the spot light from her sisters, as I may OR may not be accused of, in the past. In the past, being the key phrase. For some mature reason, I have found myself shying away from the attention, lately. I blame Aaron. Anyways, back to my speech writing hang up.

There are so many directions that I could go with this speech. I could go serious. I could go hilarious. I could holier-than-though. I could go preachy. But, one thing I have to keep it: short. From my experiences, the longer the speech: the more people tune you out and are seriously wondering when Joe B's bar tab is going to run out. I love my sister. I adore my sister. I envy my sister (especially now that she's getting in Wedding Skinny Girl mode...bitch w/Michelle Obama arms.....) But, I am pretty sure everyone can decipher and figure that out, seeing that 1) she's my sister 2) she asked me to be the MOH. There are so many things I want to say to her, but I need to keep in mind that I'll see her again. Hell, after we move, we'll be two short hours from her and Mason (oh, you didn't hear? We're moving, anyways).

Last night, I found myself thinking of all the little stories we have growing up. I really should put a notepad next to my bed for these late night memory lane trips. The countless sitting in the corner episodes chanting "Can we get up now?" in a sing song voice. Mom writing on the calender "Mo: Window" then "Me:Window". Having the window seat in the dining room was a big deal for us growing up. You don't even know. Switching off of our snacks from apples/chz (what Mel liked) to apples/pb (what my fat ass loved). Wearing tee shirts on our heads, acting like that was our long hair. I could go on, but I want to save some sort of build up for the wedding :) I look at my younger sisters and I wonder if they have the sentimental memories growing up, that Mel and I have. I guess we'll find out at Jacinta's wedding.

good lord.