Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kind hearted sibling teasing

I grew up teasing my sisters so much.

I'm almost shocked I'm not receiving bills from my siblings for ongoing therapy that is probably needed for them to function normally in the free world. Poor Mel. Mel got the worst of the teasing from me. To be honest, majority of it came from my insecurity and jealousy over her. Mel was/is taller than myself and thinner. She'll deny it to the grave. It's true. We're the same size, but she appears thinner than me, because her legs are so damn long. As in 37 inch inseam on her pants.

She had/has good hair. It's not poof that requires an expensive (well, that's my decision to have spent $120 bucks on my blow dryer) and pricey straightener (again, my decision). Her temperament is softer than mine and some would venture to say she's more mature than I am. Eh, whatever. She's great. She's marrying one of the greatest and coolest guys I know in March and as much as it hurts to see her move on to her new chapter, I am absolutely excited for her and Mason. But that's not the purpose of this blog: worshiping Mel.

The purpose is that I know that I'm not the only sibling who horribly teased their siblings, to the point that their devout Catholic mother would walk around outside praying the rosary. No joke. I know with the amount of rosaries my mother has said in her lief, I could go on a mass murdering spree and STILL make it to heaven. No joke. It's ridiculous. In a good way. Entirely good way.

One time, Mel and I were in a massive fight. Probably started with me being pissed off about something not related at ALL to Melanie and lashed out on her (I'm AMAZING at this). She probably made some smart ass comment about me being too gorgeous for my own good and hence a fight ensued. This particular time, it got really nasty. I was chasing Mel around our house into our room and she slipped on the rug on the wood floors. BAM goes her mouth on the side of a cabinet in our room. Split went her tooth. Total crack on one of them. It wasn't like a "white trash" ohmygodwheresyourtrailerandliveincousinboyfriend split, but it was obvious none the less. With time, we had the tooth fixed (irony enough that she's now a dental hygienist. Maybe that incident was what motivated her to become one.... Hmmmmm). Anyways.

Mom was SO disappointed in us. And probably it was one of those days that Daddy was in the field and had 590234 break downs, which resulted in HIM lashing out at my Mom (that's where I get it from). So, I can only assume she was in one hella great mood. (sidenote: Mom's role model is Mother Teresa and I swear, she has the patience of Blessed Mother Teresa. She's amazing. Anyway). I still can see her walking around outside checking her flowers with her rosary beads in her hand.

I know I teased Alayna and Jacinta, but since the age difference is so big between us, it wasn't the mean and vile teasing that I did with Mel. It was more of the "big annoying sister" kind of teasing with those two. One of these days, I am quite sure, my kids will force me to go outside and pray rosaries because of their actions to each other.

However, I have always been more aggressive than my Mom.

So, I'll be relying on my friends Jack and Jose. But mainly, Jack.

I love my memories of being a bitch.