Tuesday, January 4, 2011

four eyes

I am rocking my glasses for 13 more days. I am having my eyes measured for the LASIK lasers and for the measurements to be accurate, the eyeball needs to be untainted. This is Day Two of wearing sex advisor glasses. To be honest, I was a bit relieved when I was told @ my consultation that I'd have to wear my glasses for awhile. Perhaps, it's because I'm tired of dealing with putting contacts in every morning and the random burning that's associated sometimes with it. I have astigmatism in both eyes and my eyes seem to dry out faster than eggs on a sidewalk in Texas during July. I've never been in Texas in July, but I am assuming that's it's hella hot. By 6 pm, my eyes would start to hurt and discomfort would ensue. So, being told that I have to wear glasses was a bit reassuring.
My mom used to wear contacts and have longer hair, befre she had kids and moved out to the farm. She said one morning, a contact went down the sink and she decided then and there to say "Fuck contacts" (my words, obviously) and hasn't worn them since. After I was born, she cut her hair short and hasn't grown it out since. It's funny to be when Moms try way to hard to mask the fact that they're older than 25.

I feel sorry for them, because I can testify to the pain, money, time, effort, frustration that goes into looking put together. It's stressful. I estimated that Aaron gets an hour more of sleep than I do (if I were to have to be at work as early as him). His alarm goes off at 4:45 (I obviously have never been there when his alarm goes off. We're not married, duh..........) and he'll roll out of bed around 5ish, jump in the shower, and out the door smelling so sexy (again, I'm just guessing) with his "Curve" cologne by 5:30. Now, If I had to be at work by 5:30, I would have to be out of bed BY 4:15-4:20 at the latest. Think of it, guys get more sleep than girls by a LOT per day. No wonder they believe we're crankier. Probably because we are, because we're running on less sleep than them.

It's science.

What is also science is that my glasses give me the sophisticated edge that I desire and need when I'm looking at hollywoodgossip.com while at work. And the obvious, book of face, that is my lifeblood during the hours of 8-12 and 1-5.

I have no idea what the hell "life blood" means. It just sounded modern, but is probably more "Twilight" than HV County Farmer's Daughter appropriate. Eh, fuck it.