Friday, September 17, 2010

brain drain

It's almost the weekend and ajl is in KC for the Arrowhead game for Powercat Gameday and both the roommates are out of town. This will be a great weekend to try to do nothing. Although, that rarely ends up lasting for more than an hour with me. I'll start watching trashy reality and then become bored (even with it DVRed and fast forwarding through the commercials) and need to do something. I plan on going to dinner with a dear girlfriend tomorrow night and then hitting up Oktoberfest at city park with Tallgrass Brewery that night. I feel that since I am German, I should partake in a little home country celebrations. Even though it is NOT October yet and I am NOT living in Germany. That would be a great honeymoon, though. Especially if both people are strong Germans. Hmmm.

This blog isn't taking the usual "Let me tell you how quirky my life is and then I'll be a total yoda and pull in a life lesson". It's very typical of everyone elses blogs (it seems), where they tell you "this is what I am doing now. This is what I am doing tomorrow." blah and boring. Sorry. I guess I just assume everyone has a quirky way of telling how their day is going. Anyways! I don't know why I'm not in that usual "let me tell you something, cucumber" mood. I think my brain is drained from this week and writing a huge case study for one graduate class, reading (attempting to read..ahem) 60 pages for another graduate class, and working full time for the job that pays the bills and feels my "need to feel needed" love tank.

I think it's a Tallgrass night