Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tinker is in the doghouse

My name was cursed in over 20 homes, apartments, cars, and various work establishments. My "smart phone" Droid 2.0 went demon style today on my ass. I was prompted to install 2.2 updates around 7.20 this morning on Tinker (which is the name of my phone, effective now). Always the good mother and dumbass when it comes to technology, I "tapped" "OK".

Then shit went crazy.

Apparently, Tinker was jealous with my old phone, because she decided to send out a jillion previously sent text messages. And I mean a jillion; Armon received 30 already sent text messages from me. Ajl was the beneficiary of 12. I can only imagine the "ding" "ding" "ding"s that were going off across the midwest. Or in ajl's case, "DROID" "DROID" "DROID". Then, the disappointment and frustration when my precious contacts realized it was "old news". Muahaha! Everyone knows that feeling: your phone goes off with a new notification and you nearly crap your pants to find your phone and check to see who loves you. You could care less if your significant other is unloading a week of emotional drama on you or if your boss is pissed off because he found out you spend more time on Farmville than dealing with work issues. Your damn phone went off and you're not sure, but it could be Obama calling you up to ask your opinion on the Cuban missile crisis. And I'm not even a fan of Obama and I am pretty sure the Cuban missile crisis is not a legit issue.

You get the point

By the time I realized this damn Tinker did that, my fingers were too fat and slow to figure out how to send a mass text to everyone who was the recipient of Verizon ridiculousness. I kept clicking "Cancel" when it notified me "Unsent message sending". sigh. Then the "What the fuck?!" texts started coming in and I hadn't had my second cup of coffee and the muggy weather was making my hair too big for my personal comfort. I was pissed and irritated. But, that's just a typical Tuesday morning for me!

I am big on pulling random things together to explain a point, if you cannot tell. I guess you could relate the smart phone issue to those people in your life, who are insane smart. As in, you seriously wonder how they deal with your dumb self, because they're so smart. I have a huge family tree and am incredibly blessed to have several cousins who are so blessed in their natural talents that it blows me away. They're genius smart; full ride to any school they would desire and incredibly humble in their talents. The following part of this does not apply to them, allow me to say that first and foremost. However outside my family, I have known many many people who are so incredibly intelligent that they're dumb. They have the book smart thing figured out (well, in my opinion it is God given, so they really didn't do it "on their own", anyways) but when it comes to regular stuff, they're so dumb. Their fashion doesn't even make my "Impressive" radar and they are horrible at the social aspect of life. I've dated several faculty @ K-State who fall into this category. So brilliant in their research, but when it came to having a conversation not related to bio technical mumble jumble, they're as clueless as I am when it comes to figuring out my smart phone. But ya know what, it was a good experience getting to know them and trying to figure out how to "humanize" them.

Much like my Tinker Droid 2.0 will eventually become "human" to me, instead of a clunky phone with a bright pink cover that is the crux of my angst. I just need to keep working with her, give her patience and figure out how to text like a mad rabbit with my beautifully fatter fingers.

And no more updates. At least at 7.30 am.