Monday, September 20, 2010

ksu campus is not your high school cafeteria

It's official. I have joined the real world of people trudging through their M-F's only for that sweet release that is Friday @ 5:00. It seems that this school year has flown by a bunch of high schoolers who are too-cool-for-high-school in their POS Buick, thumping T.I as if he's "their representative in life" (because there life of mommy baked banana bread is similar to spending time locked up). I mean, seriously. Now, since I'm just too old for that shit, I'll openly laugh at them as they drive by as I'm walking to work. Fuck if they see me laughing behind my huge sunglasses. New rule: if you're born after 1990, YOU can back the fuck off. Because I remember the 90s.

That goes for all the idiotic college freshman who wear their high school shirts on campus. And oh my GOD, I canNOT wait until it gets cooler out and they break out their LETTER JACKETS as if it's a Taylor Swift music video shoot. Oh, dear god. How I love working on my high school color-knowledge. I don't give a shit if you paid for it on your own and you sweated your little nerd heart out on Debate team for that measly letter. This is college. And we don't give a fuck. Seriously. We don't. We got you here and the rest? We could care less. Your life prior to August? Non-existent.

To be clear, I was in Debate through high school. I was even in Forensics. I was THAT nerd. However, never ever would I have worn anything that would tell the world that I was "that girl". Because that didn't "define" me. That's what I think these rug rats are trying to do when they ear their high school shit. They realize that "Holy good night! My measles high school crap doesn't mean shit in college. I am now a small fish in a big pond. I need to be the cool kid that I was in high school."

Don't. Just don't. You're not cool. Everyone can assume that you went to high school. We don't care if it was some preppy ass private school or a "nitty grirtty" ghetto high school. We don't. Obviously, you went to high school. Don't' act as though where you came from will make you automatic "cool" in college. It's time to build on your identity and continue your growth. Even if it IS width wise. Gain a few pounds. Fuck it. You can also run it off in a couple years.

Just don't for the love of your reputation in my head as I'm passing you with my ipod blasting "Not Afraid" (god, I'm loving that white boy), do NOT wear anything high school ish. That includes the stupid, annoying, ridiculous "KSHHHSSHHSAA Championships of ANYTHING." If you can't tell me what KSHHHSSHHA stands for, don't wear it. As a matter of fact, right now. Go to your dorm rooms and put all the high school prom shirts, football shirt, division champ shirts in a box. And take that box and throw it out the tallest floor you can find. Then pat yourself on the back.

Because, you my collegiate peer, are realizing that is not the set of a Disney show or T Swift. This is the big leagues, baby.