Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the fitt's hit the shan

No blog today. A post today would be similar to actually reading the comments in red after you've turned in a 30 page research paper that you know you slacked off with. Today is the product of 5 hours of sleep + the load of 9 graduate hours of a M.S that your heart isn't in anymore + a 7 am dental appointment Thursday + the sinking scared feeling of not being able to sleep at night + a fucking ridiculous parking situation on a campus that over-sells parking passes + remembering you're on campus until 9:30 pm tonight.

Yeah, aren't you so disappointed I'm not writing a blog today?

This is why Monica needs her "Zzzzzzs". I could have written a daisy yellow cheery post, but that would be fibbing and confession isn't until Sunday night.

In the words of my dear Venezuelan friend, "It is evident that you didn't get enough sleep, because you're not wearing a 4 inch belt at your waist."