Friday, September 10, 2010

Droid II=Range Rover

I feel as though I purchased a Land Rover last night, when I previously owned a teal Ford Metro. Those who know me, know that I can be a tight ass when it comes to money that isn't involved with clothes or make up. The cell phone I had previously from this one, was a friend's parent's neighbor's old phone. Then my last one was the cheapest you could have through Sprint: an LJ Rumor. It got the job done that it was suppose to do. It cost me 60 bucks a month and didn't have the Internet or any other crap that you do not need on a phone. I had been extremely vocal with ajl about his phone and the ridiculousness of having apps, browsers, etc on a damn cell phone; ajl has a Droid phone that he has programmed to do that ANNOYING AS HELL "DROID" alert go off when he has a notification update. Incredibly annoying. Incredibly incredibly annoying and frustrating. Beyond belief. I feel the reason that I cringe my neck when I heard "DROID" on any commercials, phones, etc is because 1) It's fucking annoying 2) When we first started dating in the early summer, he would constantly get updates from National Weather Service (NWS), which would mean that he would be called in to work. Which was sad, at the time. Now, it is second nature to me.

I began slowly to join the technological-I-have-t0-have-the-world-at-my-fingertips-or-I'm-going-to-throw-myself-off-a-cliff society a couple weeks ago, when I realized that sooner or later, my "epically lame" phone would stop being offered and as charming as it is to join the dark ages with my father and mother and their "TV on TV" TV stand, I decided to switch forces. Just the thought of being as old school technologically de-advanced as my parents are, encourages me to chug arsenic acid after gouging on ambien.

I now own a Droid 2.


I felt as though I was cheating on my own God, as we were standing in the Verizon store with 3 crying babies and one crazy older, who I swear looked like she was a Russian ex-stripper. She had on hose with her crusty open toe heavy brown sandals and skin tight work out pants Ew. All the times that I was annoyed with people always on their phones, complaining about how society is constantly revolving around the latest technological gadget and how idiotic it is that people won't do shit if their god-damn phone is not working.

Oh, did I mention I bought a bright pink cover for it?

Did I just say that blonde older lady was a former stripper? I'm changing the visual to a former mafia Russian mob skank on the side.

Ajl was giddy that my phone is newer and nicer than his Droid. I think he was using his giddiness to mask that he is secretly jealous as hell at me for having a nicer phone. Good thing I did get the bright pink cover, or I can see him switching out our phones eventually, because I'm so ditzy that I don't notice these things. ajl is quite the prima donna when it comes to technology in having the nicest of the nicest crap. I, on the other hand, do not care. Hell, I haven't even hooked up my flat screen TV (which was a gift, I did NOT purchase it on my own. I could care less if my TV is flat screen or oblong) in my ROOM yet. I could care less.

Even though the Droid II is literally 20 pounds of weight, at least it's bright pink with a tinkerbell notification sound. Not too shabby for a Harvey County Farmers Daugher; I just need ajl to show me how to figure out what the hell this red phone notification thing on my screen means.

Damn. It's good to be a gangsta.