Thursday, July 8, 2010

does this make you nervous?

Man on man. Do I feel guilty. Those who know me, know that I do enjoy amazingly trashy reality TV. Nightly. If not twice daily (thank you, Real Housewives. The Hills. The City. (I am still awaiting casting calls for "The Country"-> I'd be all over that. Up and down). The Bachelorette. The Bachelor. I am watching "The Bachelorette" from last Monday on hulu and they're hosting the Special Presentation of Jake and Vienna. For those whose lives do not revolve around spying on others love lives, Jake was the last bachelor on "The Bachelor" and Vienna was the lucky lady he chose to whisk away on his plane (he was a pilot). If you haven't been to Dillons or Wal-Mart in the past week, allow me to fill you in. They broke up. They didn't just break-up-here's-the-ring-and-I'll-delete-ya-on-facebook break up. They broke up as in tabloid covers, he-said-she-said shiz. It's intense.

However, nothing was an intense as their interview they did with Chris Harrison that showed during the last half hour of The Bachelorette. And I feel so guilty. I do not feel guilty because they broke up, but because I just watched a massive fight that you know had happened 3902 times in the privacy of their posh apartment. And they just hacked it out. Jake was hushing Vienna, which it's obvious that he's done that to her many times, because she broke done bawling even more. We've all had those fights with significant or past significant others, where you are so exhausted with the yelling, the bickering, the hurt, the anger, the tension, the pain, and it all that you keep re-living those moments in the heat of battle. It's painful. So horribly painful and destructive. She was bawling and he was getting angry and I could see where he could be verbally abusive and have a short temper that probably lashed out on her, due to the stress of a relationship and the pressure of the fame (that they had asked for, btw).

Now, that the episode is over and feel extremely guilty, because I feel as though I should have stopped. We all should have stopped googling and oggling through the seasons (well, those of us who are crazy enough to admit to watching seasons of this stuff) watching someone else try to find "their happiness". But do we? Heck no. They put themselves out there, so we happily oblige to watch. Still, we feel guilty. And continue watching. And comparing.

I am serious though. If "The Country" ever were to be a possible reality TV (preferably Bravo.. I like Bravo a lot), I'd hit "apply" so fast, it'd burn my keyboard.