Friday, July 16, 2010

Going through the red tape

Well the surge of hormones or bad karma has left the building and I am back on my normal feeling that my path in life is magical. Ok, maybe magical is a bit too fluffy Disney sounding, but you get the point. Also helping with getting me out of my funk is that I am 2/3 done with my graduate paper that is due Mondays at midnight. Usually, I cram 2-4 pages of amazing theoretical college student developmentness between the hours of 1-5 on Monday. Let it be known, I do NOT work the best under pressure when it comes to sounding educated. So, why put it off? My motivation for this class is as low as Lindsey Lohons IQ on legal proceedings when driving your overpriced SUV while on every recreational drug developed. The class? Foundations of Academic Advising. I'll let that soak in, as I remind you that I've been an academic advisor for THREE years for over 450 young aspiring artists. Mmhm. And I am just now taking this class. No students have suffered that I have not been an expert on the ethical and legal dilemmas in dealing with stressed students over these past three years. I have not been receiving negative evaluations from my students over these past three years. Quite the contrary, as I BLOW my own tuba, I have received amazing reviews. Every year. So, you can see why my motivation for this class is ridic low. I've been doing this for years. I consider myself a professional when it comes to being an academic advisor for art students at K-State. Without this class. This class that cost me 1200 dollars (that is a lie, it cost me 400 after my Tuition Assistance...point still stands) and then 100 for the textbook is draining the academic advising life out of me. Like a sieve. Luckily, it ends on July 27 with a massive final portfolio, which undoubtedly will drive me to putting in my two week notice (not really, however it will be painful).

The lesson for today, boys and girls: You have to go through shiz to earn a piece of watermark paper. I am this close to being done, what is another tension headache? And when it IS done (Spring 2011, baby) no ONE can take my MS from me. No one. Even my own sanity.