Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm a wild flower

What a week it has been since I last posted! Colby was a great getaway for me and spending the time with Mel was well needed. We had dinner at this amazing Mexican restaurant in Colby and we enjoyed my new favorite drink: frozen banana margaritas! At first, I thought it sounded disgusting. I LOVE bananas. Tangenet: when I was 1-2 years old I LOVED bananas and Mom would give always feed me them, because like I said I loved them. Low and behold, I had killer constipation. As in my cute face would become tomato red and I'd sweat my sweet brown curls off because it was so intense. My poor mother was at a loss. Again, I'm the oldest so I was the guinea pig in everything. Grandma Bergkamp asked Mom what she was feeding me and mom told her nothing out of the ordinary, just a lot of bananas. Grandma reminded mom that potassium can constipate people. My mom was giving me constipation. And you wonder why I am scared of mom giving me arsenic. Now you know. ANYWAYS, back to story: I love real bananas and usually find banana flavoring disgusting. However, I stand corrected in my rant: I love bananas (real) AND frozen banana margaritas. They.were.awesome. I am hoping to find the recipe online and make them soon!

Oh and if you ever are using your garmin or other popular driving device-that-has-taken-the-place-of-the-good-ole-torn-up-paper-map-that-you-could-never-get-back-into-its-original-form and are crossing time zones, please note that they (the device) compensates for the TIME ZONE CHANGE. Colby is NOT 1.5 hours from Holly, Co. Colby is 1.5 hours PLUS one hour from Holly, Co. Thanks Garmin. Or maybe I should be thanking me for being so gloriously insightful, because I most definitely did not realize this when I left Colby to head down to the Leikers.
Harvest was a great experience! Since Daddy always has hired custom cutters to cut our crops, I had never experienced the nitty-gritty of harvest. I always saw the crews roll in with their semis and combines and then Kenny Pauls would come by the house to collect the check that was large enough to buy a massive SUV with rims. First day: I had a tutorial in combine driving and ajl let me drive in on my own. The hardest most confusing part was driving the combine WHILE unloading on the MOVING grain cart. That part was the hardest for me to get down, because there were so many things to focus on. The biggest lesson I learned through that experience was that ajl has the patience of my mother. If roles reversed, I would have thrown ajl off the combine and told him to walk home and be useful, because I would have lost all my patience and marbles. I am blessed.

Speaking of going home and being useful, I made cinnamon rolls for the Leiker crew at Mel's. So domestic! And rumor has it that Mason was impressed (I had left some with Mel and him in Colby). I don't know if he was impressed by the recipe OR that I did that good with the recipe. I am a well rounded girlfriend. I can bake in my hodgepodege of a swimsuit that is essentially two swimsuits and I able to move heavy machinery with smile and charm.
Go Harvey County girls!