Wednesday, July 21, 2010

saving and big stars

I am an impulsive person. An old boy I used to date (note how I said "boy", because he was a boy in a man's body) said I was passionate. Another boy I used to date, said I was crazy. I'll give him that, since I was a bit crazy during that interesting relationship. God bless him, because he had to deal with me. Anyways, I digress.

My first semester at K-State, I racked up enough purchases on my newly opened American Eagle card to supply a small amount of vaccines to a third world country. The same demolished credit was done to my Victoria Secret's card. Also to my Dillard's card and my Sears card. I am trying to make sure I covered it all. Oh, GAP, but that was about my junior year at K-State. OH! Old Navy, too. And don't ask how I accomplished that with an Old Navy 45 miles from Manhattan. For anyone who has shopped with me, you know that I take it seriously. I don't do that browse-shit and try clothes on, only to put them back on the racks. I buy and I buy big. It's what kept me working part time at GAP for so long. The fruits of this exercise? A closet full of clothes that encompass my life from my freshman year at K-State to my "professional" career at K-State. Everything from the time when I THOUGHT I could wear a size Small K-State shirt and the fact that it HUGGED my boobs meant that I was classy. Uh huh. However, as you may have noted if you've read any of my blogs (or know anything about my life as of present), a change has come.

I sold two pairs of boot cut Big Star jeans today at Rock star and Rogers here in Aggieville for a total of $16. For two pairs of jeans that are originally $100. Each. For thsoe who are not familiar with jeans and boots, that may seem ridic for someone to spend that much on a pair of jeans (I won't even TELL you how much my Stetson boots cost). However, those females who do wear boots (and I mean real boots. Not that black knee high zippered up the calf crap. I am biter towards this style as my calves are the calves of an avid runner, which I am and no boots that are designed to go up farther than the ankle do not zip on my sexy legs) will appreciate the look of Big Star jeans on a country queen, such as myself. When the kind lady told me she could give me $8 a pair, I normally would have said "Fuck that. I'll hold on to them and keep them on my office floor for another 6 months for no apparent reason only to let my students think that I'm running a black market jean sale in my office. I'll show them."

My response today? "Awesome! I'll take it"

And I saved those sweet sixteen bucks to go along with my savings account which has grown tremendously over the past several months. Saving. I am saving and not spending. Seriously. It's incredibly refreshing and reassuring to know that if something major happens to me, I have a good cushion to support myself and won't need to run to Harvey County for help. It seems so small and those who have supported themselves who are reading this, will think I have a silver spoon up my (ahem).To be frank to you, I don't care what you think. It's enough for me to know that I can support myself and I have been supporting myself. It'd be awesome to blow my savings on a new Coach bag (I haven't bought a Coach bag in a year.. Scoff if you will at that, but it's major for me. I downgraded my taste to a Guess bag and it's amazing)

However, we all make changes as we grow and mature. And for me, that has looked something like not being impulsive on clothing, accessories (even though I did spend somewhere between 90-100 at a great jewelry store in Holly), and (sigh) booze. I forbid myself to look at or, because I know it's toxic for me. It's like giving a shot of whiskey to Lindsay Lohan. It won't end well. Well, I guess that depends on who signs your paycheck.

Here's to the savers among us. Damn the help, when you can stand in your own Stetson turquoise boots, which are paid for. You're welcome, Uncle Sam.