Friday, July 30, 2010

minor heat stroke, party of one

Oh the joys of moving... And the black holes that disguise the random boxes that you know are somewhere, but cannot find. It probably did not help that for the majority of the first day of moving, I had the landlords 4 year old and 2 year old "helping" me move from my car to the house. Why were the landlords kids helping me, you may ask. Well, our home isn't quite finished yet. Armon's bedroom was finished at 9.30 last night and as of this morning, the second bathroom was not yet finished. This led to all of Armon's belongings hanging out in the living room/dining room/laundry room. As I was moving in on Wednesday, there were about 6 guys working on the house, complete with a dog and the two kids previously mentioned plus one (an 8 year old boy who belongs to someone, I think). It was also 100+ fuckin degrees and our house has window air units. It tested my patience. I know that kids like to have "chores" to do and desire to feel important, so I put those kids to use by having them bring in a couple carloads of crap to the house. I feel that somewhere in that art of delegating, curtain rods were misplaced. sigh. Also, while moving cleaning crap from the old house to the new one, somehow Jess' phone charger and a tub of god-knows-what-the-f-else grew legs and walked away. It's not in my car nor Jess' car. Praying to St. Anthony that it turns up. St Anthony, St Anthony, please come around. Something is lost and can't be found.

I've never moved into a place with more than one other person moving in and let me tell you, having three people move in who have accumulated crap, is ridiculous. We have boxes everywhere with three sets of everything from plates to crock pots to paper towel holders. It looks like the week after a wedding and we just got back from a honeymoon somewhere fabulous, instead of moving from one rental to the next.

I hate instability and I hate not having my routine. I'm tempted to run outside and suffer a minor heatstroke, only because I miss so much running outside instead of a damn treadmill, resembling a gerbil and wheel on a KIA car commercial. And lucky for me, there are cops EVERYWHERE in this town (and it's the end of the month, so they are looking to meet quotas, etc) so if I do happen to pass out and shrivel to the size of a drug addicted sorority girl, help shalln't be far!! Lord, I need a break.

I think a dinner and movie with the boy will do the trick. Then a KC Royals game and spending time outside 66502 with people that I genuinely care and enjoy. Mainly getting out of town and not seeing another cardboard box for a few days. Or just 48 hours would be nice.