Monday, August 2, 2010

high school proms and 45 minute waits

**The reason why my Daddy is awesome. And you wonder where I get my sarcastic sense?**

Ah, the weekend was just what the doctor ordered for ajl and I. We had a perfect Friday night with dinner at Arroy Thai, then killed time driving around MHK during our 9.45 "Dinner for Schmucks" movie. It was a beautiful time; I think all relationships need that "your" time, where it is just you and him or you and her. Even taking it back to old school dinner-date style. We spent some time at the Farmers Market Saturday morning, before I sweated out two pints of sweat, before going to Bluestem for breakfast and heading out to KC for the Royals game. I was so proud of all the work ajl put into the event ("Manhattan Day at the K") and he was rewarded with a signed baseball and time on the jumbotron, waving like a giddy high school boy @ prom. Yup. That's my boyfriend. He's off to DC for Delta Tau Delta's international convention this week. Sigh. However, this will be like harvest, only he HAS decent cell phone service this time. Unlike Holly, CO.

Speaking of the giddy high school boy @ prom, there is an amazing picture of him out there when he was a sophomore at prom. With a great hairline. Those who know him, know what I am referring to. I am now the giddy girl @ prom, because we are finally saying the "l" word <3 Love it.


With anyone else that I dated, I cannot tell you the moment we said the "l" word. Probably because it wasn't that big of a deal to me, because I really didn't love them. Or, to be honest, I was probably hammered. I took it for granted. I thought I knew what it was or what it meant or felt like. I didn't. I knew I was falling for him, when on our second date the wait for 45 minutes and I was so excited, because that meant I got 45 minutes to talk with him and spend with him. I love our car trips, because I know that is time we get to spend together and I can be with him. I love cooking for him, because I know it's something I normally don't like to do. But for him, I love it. It took me going through "that" (the past) to get to this point in my life, where I am looking forward to long waits at restaurants and new recipes (even though they are, so nothing at the "Top Chef" level). I am not puppy dog in love, where I can ignore the negative things in our relationship. I pick up when he goes into radio voice explaining things to me or when we're in public and he's recognized and he's no longer "my boyfriend", but the voice inside their radio.

OK, sorry to all the heartbroken people out there who are currently downing tubs of hydrogen peroxide, because that sounds better than reading about two kids in l-o-v-e.

Return to your lives. It's time for me to hit the pavement and get a run in before the devil returns to claim his spot in the 111 degree heat.