Friday, August 6, 2010

leave some to the imagination, kids

Sometimes less is more.

There really is no need to wear every bracelet, bangle, necklace, and earring when you step out of your home. However, a lot of people truly believe that from the moment they leave their house that a burglar is going to come in and this said burglar is looking for ONLY accessories. Therefore, they wear every piece of jewelry. Obviously. Because that's what makes sense and tells the world that YOU, my friend, are and ACCESSORY HIGH ROLLER.

I digress.

Facebook is another venue for people to overindulge their love for their amazing significant other, random song lyrics that, golly, just hit the spot, stupid lines about Team Douche or Team WhoGivesAF***, and a million pictures of their baby (1 month old) in the SAME POSITION. Well, geez, because I didn't quite get how cute your child was on picture number 395. And I do 110% realize that this is admitting to you that I stalk picture albums on facebook. Sue me. But I bet you do the same. If not, you must not be a state employee. And your retirement is not near as good as mine. And, yes I have focused on my relationships in blogs and the positive aspects they are having in my life. However, that is not the point. Duh.The point is that "other people" are guilty of this.

We all know those people. People's whose facebook statuses' revolve around what canister to put their sugar in, how annoyed they are that their nap was interrupted by their baby "grrr"(their words, NOT mine) or how they're thinking about having their "amazing" hubby trim the branches outside their "amazing" home. And we all know what these homes look like, because they've posted about 59304 pictures of each nook and cranny of the damn casa. Speaking of being a burglar, I could break into a bunch of people's homes, just based off facebook albums and know where they keep the "good stuff" (of course their goddy jewelry comes to mind). And these are people I don't even KNOW. But they have their albums posted for EVERYONE TO SEE. And trust me, you people who think the whole world is looking at the album of your new 1998 Buick LaSabre, we ARE.

Oh, we are.

And we agree, the pink dice is just to DIE for. Oh, and you tagged your bfff in the empty front seat, because "oh my god. You are just going to be a permanent fixture in my new ride. lmao! lol!"? You're just dandy, aren't ya? "LMAO"- really? Really? Are you REALLY laughing your ass off? I find that hard to believe. I also find it hard to believe that you passed a driving test, let alone high school.

It's amazing how I start these blogs out and they go a whole different direction than I had intended. The point of this was going to state how much I love accessories and how they can add or totally destroy and outfit. And somewhere along that I was going to report that I have enough glitz in my bangles today to bring down Air Force One.

but I digress