Thursday, August 5, 2010

plucking and sorority homes

I have no shame, to a certain extent. When living in the sorority house, I had no issues in walking around topless, naked, or bottomless (or maybe it's pantless). Much to the disgust of my roommates, I am sure. My schtick was that, I'm not the one looking at me, so what did I care?! That lack of modesty has carried over to the filter on my mouth.

I have none.

Luckily, working with college students, (allow me to correct myself: college students AND their parents) I am allowed a few verbal slips here and there and there again. To quote Miranda Lambert "I've got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a Hallmark card." My poor mother. She routinely reminds me to utilize "Harvey County language" when I'm home. No, Harvey County language is not a foreign language metric system that is similar to Arabic or German. Harvey Co. language is similar to the language you'd use around your old cranky German grandmother. Minus the shouting. I'm hoping having a bf who works in radio and can't curse on-air will help curb my lazy tongue. So far though, it's not effecting it too much. Or maybe it's "affecting" shit..

Here is to the girls who don't raise their eyebrows when a lady curses or plucks the black coarse hairs on their chins at stoplights. Yes, if you ever see a smoking hot brunette girl in a gold Honda Accord plucking hairs at a stoplight, that would be me. And you can stare all your pretty little eyes want. I ain't changing. A thing. Peace be your journey.