Monday, August 16, 2010

not so perfect Pro Active

I am 26 years young and still break out with whiteheads. Yes, I wash my face. As a matter of fact, I was an avid spender with Pro-Active for years, as in close to 8 years. It did work, enough. However, it wasn't working enough to justify the $48/month and they did not give discounts for being over the age of 21 and still have acne. Lame. I know switched gears and use Clean and Clear Advantage. It works just as good (a bit better) than Pro-Active and with the $20 price tag, I will take it.

I still break out, though. Now, it is the weird, random and awkward white heads under the nose and lip. The spots where you pray that it is on the right side of your face, so it is less noticeable. At least for me, that's the side I'd prefer to have blemishes, as my left side faces the office door. I am superficial.


This is only further justification for me to continue tanning, as I feel tanned face can diminish the look of these pesky reminders that we are only human. I loathe you people who can use soap and water or nothing at all to wash your face and you still look like a clean slate. I also really loathe/jealous of those who do not have the need to wear contact or glasses. I can't even begin to count the $$ I have spent on contacts, glasses, contact cleaner, contact cases over the past 12 years on that crap.

And do you know much planning it takes prior to a night of going out as an undergrad, trying to remember to bring a contact case with solution, in the event I happen to spend the evening at a place other than my residence (ahem)? Yeah, it's not fun. You can go a night without brushing your teeth (that's right, Melanie), but you can't go a night with your contacts in (if you have an astigmatism in both eyes). However, that was during my wild and rebellious years, of course.
It would have made my life much easier, if the bars had little machines that produced contact cases and solution. Can't you just see that? Right next to the condom machine with all the flavors you can imagine, would be a machine for all you need for care of your eyes. Maybe this said machine could have had a mirror that shows how you're really looking, you hot mess. It was always a classic moment from this sorority girl, when the lights would come on @ bar closing time. Man oh man. If I could relive those moments of sheer giddiness when people realized 1) how amazing they really do look 2) how amazing their grinding partner really isn't looking.

Classic. Oh classic.