Wednesday, August 11, 2010

scroll down

Last night, my roommate and I made dinner for her gay husband (Jerry is Jessica's best friend who happens to be gay) whose last night it almost is in Manhattan. I had planned to make Strawberry pretzel squares from, which was a new one that I hadn't yet taken on. I quickly skimmed through the recipe and saw that it needed to refrigerate for 1.5 hours. Awesome. I can totally do that; go home @ 5, smash a few pretzels, melt some butter and whip whatever it is that take 1.5 hours to refrigerate. I'd be golden and the heroine of desserts. Ah, victory is mine.

I hit up Dillons @ my lunch hour, pick up the ingredients I needed and dropped them off at home. I quickly run by Jess what I was making for that evening, then headed back to campus. Which is a shitshow, because every intersection in Manhattan is having new tar, old tar replaced, blah blah done.

Lo and behold, when I was skimming through the recipe (when I am skimming through readings, recipes, long emails from my Mother, I say "blah blah blah ok blah blah". I think it may scare my students, because they think that I'm not really reading things. But I am. Except for Mom's emails. A lot of that information goes in one ear and out the other. She's great about updating me with every single detail of the farm. Which is great, only doesn't totally entertain me when I have facebook STARING me in the face) I missed one final detail.

I didn't scroll down to Direction number four.

Refrigerate. 3 hours.

shit. double shit.


Blessed for me, Jess was home sick yesterday and stepped in and made the dessert for me. Which was fantastic, for the record.

If only I would have totally read the recipe AND scrolled down. I would have caught that this wouldn't have worked out for me and my time schedule last night. Minor details. Minor minor detail.

How many times, oh how many times, do we do that? Skim through a situation "blah blah blah ok" make a decision and BAM move on! Thank God during childbirth my nurse didn't go think "ok.. blahblah needle in spine...blahblah. ok got it. Lean over. BOOM."

So here's to reading the full recipe and luckily having those people in life who can step in when we don't scroll down. And the Strawberry pretzel squares were delish.