Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lost wal mart lists....

My eyes feel as though they've been plugged with liquid magma. You know that feeling when you're in bed and you know the time is ticking by and you have to get up and be productive (well, productive enough) within a few hours? That feeling of dread ranks right up there with a 5 hour Holy Saturday mass @ your local Catholic church. Bonus points if your priest says all stinking readings. It blows. The contacts were not feeling it this morning, so I opted to go for the conservative stylish Ted Baker frames.

And I can't find my Wal Mart list for today. That may seem so small of a lost precious piece of paper to you, but to me: it's total frantic. You see, I live in Manhattan. Manhattan is a university town and, like most universities, we start classes next Monday.

With each day that passes on my August 2010 calendar, the streets and the major discount stores start to resemble akwardfamilyphoto.com more and more with the additional plethora of incoming freshmen the trips to Wal Mart MUST be rationed like panty hose during World War II. And thank God they rationed panty hoses, because women began to realize how STUPID hose were and how much more comfortable it was to NOT wear them. That is a lesson that my mother still hasn't learned. Do you know how uncomfortable it was to be 12 years old and wearing PANTY HOSE to church?!

I digress.

The point of the story is that I misplaced my list to Wal Mart that I was going to squeeze between 5 and 6.15 today (I'm entertaining a few dear friends from my graduate program to chicken feta pizza tonight and they're providing sides and dessert). My luck? I'll half ass a list and will forget crucial items. OR I'll get shit I do not really need out of frustration of not remembering my initial full list. Then I'll be talking to myself, which I do a lot in Wal-Mart, and while I am using the self check out (which I absolutely love), I'll be watching the total grow. And grow. Then grow more. I'll look @ my cloth bags FULL of crap and think "What the fuck did I get that's costing me over 75 bucks?! Oh yeah, that fancy shaver that I think I just need to have.... OH and the discount cake on the reduced bakery shelf.... Shit, really Monica? You really needed glittery eyeliner? Who are you? Fn Adam Lambert?!"

So, stay tuned. I'll see how many reduced priced cinnamon rolls I lug over to ajl's later tonight in frustration over my lost list.

speaking of ajl: official congrats for KMAN 1350 AM earning "Station of the Year", for second year straight. I'm gloating. I'm proud. I see the hard work, dedication, motivation, sacrifices he has made and will continue to make. To see that effort pay off, warms my HV country girl heart