Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"rest stops" and "overactive bladder " friends

Tonight I am making dinner for one of my dear friends that I met through my graduate classes. We both have crazy busy lives (he works and lives in Jardine Apartments here on campus and being a residence life graduate student is an all-consuming duty. He seems to always be on call, etc. You'd be surprised as to the late night emergencies international students have at 11 pm). Andrew is one of those guys that I think everyone should have around. We used to hang out nightly watching season of "entourage" last fall semester, but then both of us got busy with our own lives and classes and work.

But are there hard feelings for this business spell? Absolutely not. He's the type of friend I love. I can get busy and distracted with my life, but they don't take it personal and think that I'm being a bitch or avoiding them or being rude. We can mutually check in with each other momentarily and then carry on with our lives until the next "rest stop" in our relationship. I hate those friends that want to be treated like overactive bladders. Constantly needing attention. And by attention, I mean attention on them, of course. It's their own personal shows and we're "invited" to partake. My cousins Mary (Bergkamp side) and Rebecca (Landwehr side) come to mind when I think of the happy balance. We don't talk weekly or even monthly. It takes usually one good long conversation every few months to re-connect and the random facebook message here and there. These are girls who know me incredibly well and probably a large part of it is the fact that we're family. From the same stock, as it were. Same backgrounds. I grew up with Mary and her family. My family would baby sit her and her siblings when her mom would be in the hospital having a child (and they had 8 kids.. so that's a lot of time @ the Ponderosa). Rebecca always grew up at least a state away, but as luck would have it, she moved back to the Wichita area for her career (she's one of those famous local celebs in wichita who wears ballcaps in public so she's not recognized. SHE'S A NEWS ANCHOR ON FOX NEWS @ NINE AND DOES REPORTING FOR KWCH 12). That change in coasts may have been a curse to her, but it has been a blessing for our relationship :)

So, here's to the rest stop friends in YOUR life. And forget the overactive bladders ones and God, I hate those overactive bladder commercials with full balloons. Maybe it's because I really do need to use the facilities. TMI, opps. My bad

And enjoy the picture of my sisters and Rebecca @ her wedding in KC Labor Day 2009 <3