Friday, July 9, 2010

it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

eTick tock. Tick tock. 15 minutes until the weekend is here and I can relax and not drive hundreds of miles to get to some amazing destination. Three weeks ago it was KC for Brooke's PnL bash (which was a bash, but thankfully not to the destructive lengths it has been in the past....oi vey) and two weeks ago down to the Ozarks with some quality K-State alumni ladies and last week it was a western KS-southeast CO adventure. My plans this weekend involve: gym after work, Papa Murphy's to pick up a pizza for Erin and I, then a girls night watching a disgustingly romantic comedy or anything that involves the phrase "chic flick". I am succumbing to the pressure of society and seeing the new vamp movie with Kelly and Karin, but before that filling our faces with Olive Garden. It will be an amazingly relaxed weekend. As much as I LOVE going and going and going and being places and seeing people, it is nice to spend a weekend doing nothing impressive. Ajl is still playing a farmer in flip flops and *should* be home Sunday for lunch with Mel and Mason and I. The work of a farmer is never done and lucky for YOU, it is like that. *ahem*

Needless to say, this HV county girl is ready for Sunday *** Enjoy the weekend, guys! Hit the gym, clear your head, do some laundry and get shiz done!