Monday, July 26, 2010

steers and abnormally large zucchini

What a rush of activity this past weekend was!! I was busy with the Wade Bowen concert on Friday, but before that I enjoyed a pretty darn good time at Brew at the Zoo. Supported the bf and his team at Fair Factor on Saturday (which they WON!! Go Manhattan Broadcasting!!!) then rounded out that night with the Rodeo before stopping by McGraws for a few beers.

Oh and I started Activa yesterday. Hello good digestive track. I'll keep you updated on this business.

Ajl and I are going to the Livestock Auction tonight @ Riley County Fair to rep the station. I'm eager to start tickling him prior to the Champion Reserve steer being auctioned off, because that's what I want in my office. A big ass steer to scare off my students. Before he spends his hard earned money on a steer, I'm going to be a big spender at the Cowgirl Bling vendor tent. I had stopped by there Saturday (twice) and did not buy anything. So, I feel as though that fasting equals me being able to pick up some items tonight, of course. The more I buy, the less they have to trek to Nebraska.

Enjoy the pic of Erin and I at the B104.7 Party Porch during the Kaw Valley Rodeo. We are quite the country queens, I would argue. I would also argue that my Stetson boots are quite the amazing investment.

Let's see.....16 more minutes of being paid by the state to avoid working for the state.

OH! This should be an entertaining moment for you and another reason for you to thank the good lord that you are not a college student worker. A had a prospective student meeting today and this chic was what I would call, stuffy. As in east coast stuffy who score incredibly high on her SAT score (just knowing she took the SAT allows me to assume that she's snotty. Or just avoided the ACT so she can put on the impression that she's east coast high class, because only east cost class take the SAT. Duh) Very disappointed that the Department of Art does not offer an Honors Program. For.Art. What would that look like? Fancy expensive paint on fancy expensive canvas? I'm confused. Typically, my artists are not concerned nor do they want to be considered 'honor' students. In fact, they strive to not be "those type" of kids. They are more concerned with finding themselves and being left alone. The schools she was also interested in were foreign names to me (no, they were not University of Phoenix), except for this one: Yale.

Yeah, I considered Yale. Until I realized that Daddy would have to sell the farm and live in a caddyshack for 1o years for me to afford that. And that was only for one semester. Talk about awkward Thanksgivings on dirt floors.

And her cardigan did not match her necklace nor outfit. Yes, I am critiquing a kids' outfit to mask the fact that I work for the best damn university this side of heaven that does not offer an honors program.

I feel a bit off on my sarcasm today. Maybe purchasing a steer would change that.