Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so excited so blessed

The run down on the great events/activities/blessings I have coming/earning over the next week:

1) Graduate class portfolio is done. Grant it and I will be honest, I did not pull 110% effort into this, because, I struggled with finding the need to perform and put more effort into a project that won't affect my career. That is a lesson I learend over my years since the days of stressing over a .05 change in my GPA during high school. Sometimes shit does not matter. Why dedicate and pour stress into a situation that is not going to matter 5 years from now? So, perhaps that was the lesson of that class: to learn the "deeper meaning" of higher education?? Perhaps.

2) Moving tomorrow! I have to give credit where credit is (will be) due: ajl is helping me pack my bed, big dresser, and dining room table with chair tonight. And I also being allowed to borrow a trailer from his work to load this in to. To my credit: I have pulled out all the dresser drawers and have taken the bedding/mattress off my bed and plan to unscrew the bed as much as I can before he comes over. Our new place is closer to campus (19 minute) walk, so I may be able to walk to campus on good weather days. However, allow me to be honest: I like to dress like a banging hot advisor with heels, so I am not sure how many times I will really walk to campus. But, it sounds good.

3) Manhattan Day at the K! on Saturday! http://kansascity.royals.mlb.com/kc/ticketing/group_manhattan.jsp for more information. It'll be a blast and ajl is dedicating a lot of time for the organization of the event, so I know he'll be relieved when it's all done. And I'll be proud. Also, will be hanging out with ajl's sister during the game and after. So a great get-a-way for us both!!

4) Trashy reality shows premiering all week long! We have Jersey Shore on Thursday and Real Housewives of DC as well. AND the finale of the Bachelorette on Monday night. Sadly, ajl will be in DC for his fraternity's international convention (he's the chapter advisor), so I'll have to re-watch it when he gets back. That's right. He watches reality TV with me. He does have a brother, but he is taken :)

I'll leave you with this picture of my sisters and I, as Alayna (number three) is wrapping up her College Algebra class before she packs up and starts her new chapter @ Fort Hays State :)

I'll be taking the next few days to move (and hang out with ajl in studio on Thursday!!), you'll be left to entertain yourself until I return!!