Thursday, July 15, 2010

you don't know my mother's maiden name? Lame

I pray I am not the only person who has those days that nothing seems to be going your way. You take a step back and you think "Shiz.... I have so many great things in my life right now and I'm getting emotional over the quick print machine at Wal-Mart Photo Center not working?! Am I serious?!" With the accumulation of my landlord suffering the effects of too many recreational drugs in the 60s and 70s (I am assuming this because everyone who lives in AZ partook in recreational drugs, duh) and "not receiving our money order", the quick print center at Wal Mart Photo not working yesterday (let's not digress on the heat wave and how I was glistening when I got back on campus after that heartbreak), still not receiving my new debit card after a bar establishment in Manhattan( whose name is not "Sugar and Spice and deals with an outside edge" (Salty Rim))) somehow got my credit card numbers when I was 350 miles away and I had to cancel it (the card), my phone bill jumping $30 for using data (assuming picture mail??), students who expect me to look up class information and their mother's maiden name along with the name of their first pet, and the painful heat yesterday blew.

I caught myself thinking "Seriously, Monica. You have an amazing family with great looking sisters (thank you good genes), solid friends who care about you, a blessing you gave to a family in April 2009, extremely attractive boyfriend who can serenade everyone from elderly ladies to young college kids, and a God that has your back (even when it's sweaty). And you're whining about the WAL MART PHOTO CENTER?! Whoa girl. You're needing humble pie.

I know that it is natural for us to have bad days. Blame it on hormones (this is universal, not just pertaining to females), the heat, or the circle of life: everyone has a bad day, even though the stuff that happens really isn't all that bad (once a day has passed). Our lives our cycles and we have to go through the landlords to get to the days where everything seems to flow like honey from the promised land. During those days when you feel the urge to cry (or at least tear up) at the changing red light, remember it is a cycle and you''ll have those green light days. Just keep on moving. Just drink water. And don't trust the Wal Mart photo center.

I did get those pictures picked up. A day later than I had planned, but I got them. And that is all that matters. And damn, I look good.